UOM Leo club is a place where we gain proper opportunities to improve our leadership skills with boundless experiences. Firm stance was a reflection on who we were and what we are today as the home of the outstanding leaders who serves the humanity. Because the flash back of the past and better knowledge of the present is always conduce to the betterment of the future. As UOM Leos, we should have a proper knowledge about the vision and mission of the leoism and the background of our own Leo club.
          With this leading objective firm stance was organized as an awareness program on 14th September at university premises. It was conducted by our past club secretary and past district secretary (District 306A2) Leo Kasun Himala Geeganage. Members, prospects and past Leos of UOM Leo club actively participated to this session and they got the opportunity of knowing history of leoism, multiple district hierarchy of the Sri Lankan clubs, history of UOM Leo club, the exclusive leaders of our club, the activities done by our club and the information about current project series. We believe that the perception we gained by this program will definitely help us to turn as a proud Leo of the most outstanding Leo club in Sri Lanka.
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