Leo club of university of Moratuwa held hands together with Centennial Leo lions club and Leo club of the handicapped Rathmalana to spend a stunning evening with a special group of marvelous people this time too at Rathmalana blind school on 29th September 2017.
           Differently able young buds who engage in an unprecedented striving to bloom as responsible citizens tomorrow were a true inspiration for all of us to follow. That very inspiring feeling we got is really the true essence which led us to do this task. We enjoyed a glamorous evening filled with incredible talents of these kids.
           We sponsored their dinner and gifted all kids who showed off their talents with gifts and mementos and we did never forget the rest of them and even they were admired with many gifts.
            Leo Lion Raveen Lankanatha, Leo Piyumi Pabasara and Mr. Hasitha Weerarathna were the great strengths behind us who sponsored the whole event. More than seventy members and prospects took part in this event and it can be called was very successful.

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