It is true that the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but they must be felt from the heart. One such beautiful relationship is the bond in between a mother and her child. Every mother wishes to see her child healthy. But, a mother to give birth to a healthy child, she herself must be healthy at first.

That is why, we, the UoM Leos joint hands with the Lions Club of Matara-Nilwala and organized an awareness program, aiming the mothers in Thissamaharama area, to make them aware about the importance of good nutrition habits during the pregnancy period, and the need of breast feeding for the children during infancy. The program was conducted on 1stof October from the morning till the noon, at the Public Health Officer’s premises in Thissamaharama area. Together with the awareness program done by Dr. W.P. Jayasena, there also was a distribution of packs of dry food items to the pregnant mothers who participated on that day.





The program was concluded as a success and at the same time, as the organizers, we would like to remember everyone who participated on that day including the health officers, Leos, Prospects and especially, the members from the Lions Club of Matara-Nilwala, who helped us to make the session a success. We hope that, the service done by this program was useful to the society, since a healthy mother and a healthy child is the future of a country.


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