We, all the Lions and Leos are bound to serve the community in the best possible way we could. Since the school children are the future of the country, it is one of our responsibility to be a guiding hand in their education.

Taking this in to consideration, the project ‘Siyak Sip Sal’ was organized by the Lions club of Dehiwala North, to encourage students who are going to sit for the G.C.E. O/L examination. We, the UoM Leos became contributors to this project by joining hands with them, together with the Leo club of Centennial Presbyterian Girls College, having the intention of enhancing their mathematical skills.

The project was conducted on 23rd of October at Presbyterian Girls College, Colombo from the morning onwards. As UoM Leos, we gave them hand in hand on mathematics to the students who participated in this seminar through discussing the mathematical problems targeting the O/L exam and taught them some easy ways to answer the questions while paying attention to each student as much as possible. This was carried out successfully throughout the day and we hope that our effort was a huge strength to them.

The Lions club is planning to extend this concept up to 100 schools in Sri Lanka and we, the UoM Leos are looking forward to join hands with them from every possible way we could, in the future too.

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