Uncertainty is a common phenomenon of the world. But should we discourage ourselves due to this? We, the Leos of university of Moratuwa taught that anything beyond our control is not something to suffer, on 11th of November 2017 by holding a project day out with kids in cancer hospital.

This project was held on above mentioned day from 9 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. at play house in kids’ ward of Maharagama cancer hospital.


Classical music society of University of Moratuwa too contributed equally in this project with Leo club. Some fun activities and a musical program were held for little kids and as finalizing the program we donated some essential medicines for treatments to the hospital.


Though we can’t gain what we choose in every moment, it’s nothing wrong in expecting good to happen in our lives, as some times expectations can do miracles. That expectation was performed by UoM Leos as the “Apeksha”.




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