“Drug use prevention is the best treatment and it COST LESS in LIVES and DOLLARS”

-Frank Kelly-

Addiction to drugs can erase happiness and peace from a life. But unfortunately, drug addiction is spreading like a disease among the school children today. An effort to suppress this tragedy is being launched as a drug prevention program, done aiming the schools island wide, under the organizing of the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa together with the National Dangerous Drug Control Board.

The inaugural ceremony of this program was successfully conducted, simultaneously, with the Service Project ‘Hadagesma’- Kellagama on 18thof November at Kallagama Navodya Vidyalaya.

This program will continue under different phases in the future too going with the intention of saving the younger generation from the illusion they are falling in. It’s a responsibility of ours, to save the future of our country.

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