We, the UoM Leos always look forward to console the people who need the assistance most. With the intention of standing on behalf of them, the second and the third phase of the service project series Heart Beat was launched on 4th and 5th of November at Kakirawa and on 18th and 19th of November at Kallagama.

  Both projects were consisted of two programs on Education with Humanity aiming the O/L students of Maha iluppallama Maha Vidyalaya and Kallagama Navodya Vidyalaya respectively, two awareness programs on diabetes and cancer, a leadership and Motivation program for the students of Maha iluppallama Maha Vidyalaya and Kallagama Navodya Vidyalaya respectively.
The phase two of the Heart Beat was concluded with a musical program “Sarigamata Aruthak” and a parental awareness session on their children in Kakirawa area.

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