Akurata Eliyak was a project organized by UoM Leos, joining hands with the Lions club of Dehiwala North, to lighten up the life of the school children who try to win their life with the name of education. It was held on 27th of December at the Batuwangala Central College, Neluwa which was a school affected from the flood.

In this project, we were able to fulfll the need of a computer lab with necessary equipment which was a shortage since last few years in this school. We donated about 5 lakh worthy school accessories including photocopy machines and instruments for the aesthetic unit.

Not only that but also the sound system and the computer lab of the school was repaired with the help of Leos and prospects who joined with this event. We hope that our effort was a huge strength to the students of this school and we were able to do our duty towards the society once again through this remarkable project “Akurata Eliyak”.

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