Stories are created and they are been published. Some stories forget easily but good stories always remain, no matter how old they are. Such a story to remember is written on 30th of December 2017. Leos and Lions are well known as the best in services.
On the above mentioned day too, a multi service project, included with a blood donation program, a medical campaign and a book donation program was done at Hindeliya Kanitu Vidyalaya, Walasgala, with the leadership of mother club of ours, Dehiwala North Lions club and with the contribution of Leo Lion Club of Centennial  Leaders. Many outstanding characters such as President of Lions Club of Dehiwala North Lion Sameera Hewage, Multiple District President Pramod Wimalatunga, Immediate Past Lions Club President Lion Vidula Hasaranga, Leo Club advisor Lion Meena Wellala were participated in this project. UoM Leos also participated in this project and gave their best to make it a success. 

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