Talents are limitless. If you are capable of doing something very well then it is a talent of yours. Some may take time to come across in finding the talent they have. But it is never too late to find the hidden talent within you. Until you find the talent of yours, you will feel like an ordinary person. But the uniqueness of everyone in the world is incomparable.

“El talento” which is organized for the Leos in the district by the Leo District Council 306A2, carries an opportunity for them to perform their talents on a stage. This is mainly organized in aid of one of the district projects ‘One rupee one child’. This time, “El Talento’18” was held on 31st of March 2018 at Defence college auditorium from 4.00 p.m. onwards.


It was a stunning evening for all the Lions and Leos who graced the occasion. The breath-taking talents of the Leos in the District was unbelievably outstanding. It is a privilege as Leos of the District 306A2 to take part in a massive event like “El talento” which gives an experience of a lifetime.

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