All the Leos around Sri Lanka wanted to show the world that we will never fall back whatever happens and we will gather and stay together as one family with stronger bonds. Meantime, we got the chance to show our strength to everyone, through the Walk for Humanity, “Leo Walk 2018”.



“Leo Walk 2018” which was organized by the Leo Multiple district 306, Sri Lanka, was one of the biggest celebrations of Sri Lankan Leo History. We, UoM Leos, walked together with around 2000 Leos and Lions marking the 60th year celebration of service and, Diamond Jubilee celebration of Leo Club program.



As UoM Leos, we would like to thank all the organizers of the walk, who had worked hard to give us the experience of best walk ever. After party of the walk was held at Viharamahadevi park at the evening and concluded the event with an amazing DJ night. All of us celebrated up to maximum, during both the walk and the night, as one family and grabbed unforgettable experiences.





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