Coming together is beginning, staying together is process, and working together is success. Another successful year which gave much hope, happiness, education and as well as a helping hand to the society, ended in the midst of lots of appreciations.

Then, it was the time for the past leaders, to pass the baton to the future pillars, for the betaken Leostic year 2018/19. After a triumphant but an exceptional year, the 16 th Installation Ceremony of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa was held on 29 th of July 2018, appointing new club officers whom now will have a colossal task ahead, to do their very best for the club and significantly for the society.

Current President of the Leo District 306A2, Leo Kasun Lokugamage was there as the Chief Guest of the ceremony while being a great strength to us as always. Further, the head table was decorated with many distinguished guests of Leo Multiple District 306 whom always were there behind our success story. Many Leos and lions representing both the district and the multiple were there among the participants of the ceremony while most of our past Leos enormously supported us being the backbone of every single task we carried on.

On that day, Leo Kasun Ramanayake officially assumed duties as the Club President for the Leostic year 2018/19 while Leo Isuri Manawadu designated as the Club Secretary, Leo Praminda Vindika consented as the Club Treasurer and all the other pertinent officers swore in their respective posts. At the end of the day, another Installation Ceremony which remarked an Imperial Legend of Eminence was witnessed by everyone and concluded as the benchmark of the upcoming year for the UOM Leos.

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