LEAP is not just a simple word with the surface meaning you see, but has a deep meaning such that it
perfectly stands for what the project actually does. There, L stands for LEARN, E for ENGAGE, A for
APPLY and finally P for PERFORM. Since, UoM LEOs are a set of personalities responsible for the future
of the nation, it is our duty to give a hand to improve the leadership skills of country’s younger
generation. That is why, we kept steps to organize this program, and the main objective behind this was
to train the students to face challenges and take right decisions fit in to various situations. Not only that,
but also sharpening the moral to come forward was another purpose of this program.

The Project was held on 11 th and 12 th of August at Badulla Pallekiruwa Vidyalaya for two days, including
several sub programs targeting the students.


There, the program was mainly focused on improving self-awareness, positive mindset, communication skills, social skills, leadership skills, courage, creativity, time management skills and public speaking skills
through the various awareness sessions, leadership development activities, camp fire and some other fun activities held throughout the entire program.

By adding a set of fabulous memories to UoM Leos’ Diary, the Project LEAP was successfully held with
the participation of the school’s students and teachers together with our LEOs and prospects and
concluded leaving another perfect milestone.



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