Being born with a human soul is very rare and it is a bless. Therefore, we should spend our whole life to
realize the beatitude, which is the peak we can achieve according to our religions. In the lifetime as human beings, we all have different targets and dreams as well. Those things differ from each other. Someone can  achieve his or her goals easily, but for some other one it may be harder. Normally, people get stressed once when the life gets complicated. When it comes to university students, stress is something we can frequently see among them.

Therefore, pointing on that Leo Club of University of Moratuwa organized an awareness program named “Aathma Jeewa” simultaneous with the World Anti Suicide Day, aiming the students in University of Moratuwa. This program was held on 12 th September and there, the students were made aware about the stress, depression and mental health and also how to get consulted by the correct person and many more.
This project was successfully held in the university premises with a high student participation.



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