“Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”
Not all the people in the world get a chance to feel the same amount of love and affection from their parents. But those who don’t get that also have to be treated as same as others because, they do have
the same leadership qualities.

On 15 th September, 2018 Project Heta Niyamu Api was held at SOS village, Galle to make a little difference in the lives of the children who live there.

Project was done in order to improve their leadership qualities and bring out the leaders hidden inside them. Different kind of leadership activities were done throughout the day with the help of the UOM Leos. Activities were mainly focused on improving communication skills, social skills, self-awareness and
positive mindset which are the main qualities of a good leader.

Another successful day came to an end in the UOM Leos Diary with a successful project for the children
who needs us the most with the participation of UOM Leos and prospects. Happiness and the
cheerfulness in their faces told us what they have gained and our voyage of making leaders out of the
ordinaries continues.

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