As a part of the society, we all have the responsibility to take our society to a higher level than where it
is today. In order to change the society, we should start developing the mindset not from anywhere else but from childhood itself. So, keeping that in the mind, Leo club of University of Moratuwa organized “Nena Diyawara” the Ordinary Level seminar which would be one of the continuous projects to share the knowledge to the students, whom are the future of Sri Lanka.

Focus of this seminar series is the needy students who are in rural areas and family backgrounds with difficulties. The first step of the project series was kept in Athimale central college Monaragala on the days of 20 th and 21 st August and it was successfully held throughout the consecutive 2 days with positive feedbacks from them. So far, initial phase conducted and finalized, the second phase is soon to be held in Atugoda Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya Kegalle.

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