Some people smile in their own happiness and some others smile by making others feel happy and making them to smile. As UoM Leos, who try to be the second kind of people, we always try to make others happy by making their lives better. That’s why we go in search of various kinds of people from different societies and find ways to make them feel happy with their own life. What remains after successfully finishing any of these projects, is the condescending proudness and the satisfaction from it.

වර්ණ is one of the such projects that was organized with the help of many volunteers, aiming the needy students from rural schools, who mostly do not receive many of the scholarships or helping hands from the government or other sectors. This project was initiated in Katupuliyankulama Vidyalaya, which is located in a very rural village bordered to the Wilpaththu forest in the Puttalam District. The project was conducted in two stages as from the first stage school buildings and other infrastructure were repaired and colored to make them ready with a fresh look for the new school term coming.

The second stage of the same project was carried out on 3rd January 2019 with the start of the new school term, on the very first day students came to school after the new year. In this stage, gifts such as lunch boxes, school bags, shoes and water bottles and other necessary school items were distributed among the students in the school. Not only that, but also some interactive sessions related to basic Mathematics and English were also done in that day. Further, some fun events also were organized simultaneously to the occasion interacting with the students.

At the end of the day, their innocent faces full of smiles made us to see how they felt and the happiness we brought to their lives. That were a few couples of days well spent to uplift the educational environment of the country’s future. Letting them to have same privileges in education as others would contribute to make the country a better place one day.

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