The reason that Leo Club of University of Moratuwa became the Most Outstanding Leo Club in Sri Lanka, in the previous year was the untiring effort of Leos, which made to steer the society towards the advancement of humanity embedded with compassion. With the beginning of this new year 2019, UoM Leos have initiated another program for the betterment of the society through a video series that carry out a voice, to make people think differently. In the first video, it highlights the matter of not to utter a single word that would inflict pain on another’s heart even for a split of a second.

The first video of this series was released on 1 st of January with a little newer concept. As most of us know there is a junction in Ratmalana, located near the School for Deaf and Blind that has been called as “Golu Madama” for over a long period of time. Sometimes, these two small words might have hurt the feelings of hundreds of students studying there, their parents and almost anyone related to them. But, the actual name of this place is “Borupana Handiya”, which is not widely used in the society, and using this name would not recall them that they are differently abled. So, why do we hurt someone for over a few words. It is so simple as that, hereafter, we can call this junction “Borupana Handiya” rather than “Golu Madama” and not to upset someone anymore. This is the small idea elaborated in this first video.

This video has been uploaded to the UoM Leos YouTube Channel to make the public aware of this great endeavour. Here, in the video Leo Kasun Ramanayake, Leo Praminda Vindika, Leo Chathuranga Saman and Leo Thilina Prasad act highlighting the value and the importance of this small fact which matters a lot. In the future, more and more videos would come out to make people rethink about these types of drawbacks in the society.

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