Environment is our breath, nature is our heart and trees are our viability. If we kill the nature, we kill ourselves. Therefore, we must protect it while possessing it. As a team of working on our social responsibilities, we UoM Leos kept a step to protect our breath and make the globe feel cool. Though, this is not a responsibility of a specified organization but the responsibility of all human beings.

We organized a tree plantation project namely “Tribute of Nature” with the aim of a green future involving some school children. The program was held on 15 March at President’s College Anuradhapura. According to the plan of this program, each student was assigned to a plant and he or she has the responsibility of the plant, to maintain it properly over a year, in order to obtain the reward. Reward was a bus season for an entire year.

The objective of the program is not only protecting the nature, but also giving hand to the students with economic hardships and motivating them for planting trees and being closer with the nature. The event was successful and we hope that the objectives will also be successfully completed in a year.

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