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අපි අකුරට මැළි නොවෙමු

“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupils with a desire to learn, he is hammering on cold iron”

– Horace Mann

Inspiring innocent souls with affection and kindness lead their minds to achieve the greatest success that they admire. Though it seems easy to inspire children, their society, family background and infrastructure facilities lay down a barrier to prevent those little buds from blooming with courage and enthusiasm.

As an effort to uplift the skills and abilities of Grade 11 students of Bandaranayake Maha Vidyalaya, Wanathawilluwa, the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa has initiated a remarkable project as “අපි අකුරට මැළි නොවෙමු “with the utmost hope of guiding the children in rural schools towards accomplishing their ambitions and goals.

The project was conducted annually as a single project until this year, but from 2019 onwards the UoM Leos accepted the challenge of conducting the project as a seminar series. The initial seminar of the series was conducted on 23rd February 2019 with the kind participation of Leos and prospects.

Mathematics has become the key element in the education system that opens the gates of higher education. Although it is not acceptable, it is essential to have a sound knowledge on Mathematics. With the immense dedication and effort of UoM Leos, they witnessed the victorious completion of the first session of the seminar series covering the missed lessons and lessons identified as difficult to understand for the children with fantastic and memorable methodologies of teaching and learning.

The smiles and words of the children had the greatest magic of disappearing all the hardships and their words of appreciation were a spell that gave the most solace to tiresome minds.

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