There are around 3 million street animals in Sri Lanka, and many are suffering immensely from malnutrition, various diseases and horrific injuries. Around University of Moratuwa, there are nearly 50 hungry stray animals, while there is a huge food wastage in canteens. So we thought that we would be able to use that wastage, for the purpose of mere humanity. The project idea of Alone Paw Prints raised as a twinning project with Leo Club of University of Delhi.

On the 19 th March, we arranged special boxes with the name of the project and kept them in canteens to collect leftover food from students. Within few hours, we were able to collect the expected amount of food in our food boxes. Large green leaves found at university premises were used as plates. After mixing the collected food with cooked fish and pumpkin, we packed them to food boxes and 3 teams walked far away on the streets searching for dogs. There, in some streets from the begin till the end there were no animals to feed. Because of that, sometimes we were hopeless in streets since it was a very sunny time. However, when it came to the end, after few hours we were able to feed more than 50 stray animals.

Almost all the activities of this project were conducted by the members of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa. At the end of the project, all of us were very happy since we did a great deed by taking care of some lonely animals whom seem to be noticed by no one. The project was done successfully as we planned and right after this project, a lot of animal lovers were interested in joining with us. At the same time, the feedback was amazing. As a witness, we were able to give at least a little relief for a day to those poor and miserable lives in street and also show people how to use wasted food for a better purpose. Finally, the project ended as another social service which was conducted by the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa.

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