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Alone Paw Prints

A man’s heart can be judged by the way how he treats animals where his soul remains unawaken until pet loves them. Helping stray animals, though needs only a simple thought but so rare to see in the society. As a university where many people gather doing their activities, we discard about 200kgs of food as waste in one day while almost all stray dogs in the university roam finding food. ‘Alone Paw Prints’ is a twinning project which was conducted in coordination with the Leo Club of University of Delhi was held on 19th march at around 1.00 pm in aim of feeding stray animals with excessive food. There, we first informed the university people about our aim and steps were taken to collect the excess food by placing arranged boxes near university canteens. Proving the fact that many people’s heart melt towards animals, we could find the needed amount of food within few minutes. Afterwards we fed straying animals in and around the campus. It was all worth witnessing their happy smile when they knew, we came to help them.

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