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Year 2019/2020




  • Most Outstanding university /institute based (omega) Leo Club


  •      Most Outstanding immediate past club president  (winner) – Leo Kasun Ramanayaka
  •           Most Outstanding Executive Officer  (winner) – Leo Yasiru Nilan
  •           Most Outstanding Bulletin Editor  (winner) – Leo Sanath Ramesh
  •           Most Outstanding Treasurer  (1st Runner Up) – Leo Chamindu Jayalath
  • Multiple district president appreciation awards  – Leo Kasun Ramanayake & Leo Yasiru Nilan


  •       Araksha

Most outstanding project for Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation – Winner

Most outstanding project for Women Empowerment – 1st Runner-up

  •            Heal the burns

Most outstanding project for disaster management – 1st Runner-up

Project for Environment-Lions Global Services Challenge –2nd runner -up

  •           LEAP

Most Outstanding project on Youth Empowerment – Winner 

Most Outstanding Service Project – 1st Runner-up


  •            Shilpadhi

Most Outstanding project with an Outside Organisation – 2nd runner up


  •           Chirpy Villa

Most outstanding project for wildlife and life below water – 2nd runner up

  •            Dream Alive

Most outstanding project for infrastructure development – 1st Runner-up

  •            වර්ණ

Most outstanding project for poverty and better life – 1st Runner-up

  •           E nenasa

          Most outstanding project for Public Relationships – 1st Runner-up








  • Most Outstanding Leo Club Of The Year – 1st Runner Up
  • Most Outstanding Club In District Contest – Winner
  • Leo Club With Best Participation To District Activities – Winner
  • Best Supportive Leo Club To The District – 1st Runner Up
  • Best IT Enabled Club – 1st Runner Up
  • Best Administered Leo Club – 1st Runner Up



  • Most Outstanding Immediate Past Club President – Winner   Leo Kasun Ramanayake
  • Most Outstanding Bullet-In Editor – Winner     Leo Sanath Ramesh
  •  Most Outstanding Treasurer Of The Year – Winner    Leo Chamindu Jayalath
  •  Most Outstanding Secretary Of The Year – 1st Runner Up     Leo Sanduni Kariyawasam
  • Most Outstanding Vice President Of The Year – 1st Runner Up    Leo Sachintha Kapuge


  • Heal The Burns

                  Best Project For Disaster Management & Prevention – Winner

                  Best Project For Environment-Lions Global Service Challenge – Winner  

  • Leap

                   Best Project For Youth Empowerment – Winner

                   Best Service Project – Winner

  • E Nenasa

                   Best Project For Public Relationships – Winner

                   Best Project During The Covid-19 Pandemic Situation – Winner

  •  Chirpy Villa

                   Best Project For Wild Life And Life Below Water – Winner

  •  Warna

                   Best Project For Poverty And Better Life – Winner

  •  Araksha

                   Best Project For Drug Prevention And Rehabilitation – Winner

                   Best Project For Women Empowerment – Winner

                   Best Project For Crime And Accident Awareness Programs – 1st Runner Up

  •  Dream Alive

                   Best Project For Infrastructure Development – Winner

                   Best Serving Together Project  – 1st Runner Up

  •  Shilpadhi

                   Best Joint Project With An Outside Organization – Winner

  •  A Drop Of Life

                    Best Project For Health, Nutrition & Food Safety – 1st Runner Up

  •  Shilpa Tharana

                     Best Project For Quality Education & Literacy – 1st Runner Up

  • Hithawathkam

                     Best Project For Senior Citizens Development – 1st Runner Up

  •  Alarm For Diabetes

                     Best Project For Diabetes – Lions Global Service Challenge – 1st Runner Up

  •  Zero Hunger Day

                     Best Project For Hunger – Lions Global Service Challenge – 1st Runner Up

  •  Punarjeewa

                     Best Joint Intra District Project  – 1st Runner Up

                     Best Project Organized On Behalf Of District – 2nd Runner Up

  •  Club T-Shirt Selling

                     Best Project For Fundraising – 2nd Runner Up

  •  Punya Warsha

                      Best Project For Peace, Religious And Cultural Activities – 2nd Runner Up

  •  Ruk Ropa

                      Best Project On Organized Behalf Of District – 2nd Runner Up

  •  Kedella

                      Best Project For Poverty & Better Life – 2nd Runner Up 


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