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Be Alert

When we consider train accidents, today it has taken a high place in the accident list. Although there are several numbers of causes to happen such railway accidents, exactly human error is one of the significant causes to happen these accidents. The driver of a vehicle makes a mistake that leads to an accident. So we can say that today a number of railway crossing accidents happen due to lack of railway barriers and also lack of awareness. 

The project BE ALERT is initiated by the Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa and the Leo Club of Piliyandala with the aim of ensuring the safety of the public crossing the railway by displaying warnings near the railway crossing. The project was launched on 20th March 2021 from 10 a. m. onwards at Mihiripanna Rail crossing, Thalpe, Galle. 

Really it was a timely and socially responsible project. As Leos, we are proud of this project because we could do something with the aim of ensuring public safety. 

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