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Corona comics

With the prevailing condition of the world, Leos of University of Moratuwa was searching to do something more fruitful. We recognized that the public does not tend to go through the bulk of monotonous content of safety matters and other kinds of needed stufff regarding Covid-19. So, most ofthem have not come up with good knowledge of how to face this situation. As a nice solution, we decided to publish a series of cartoons via Facebook and WhatsApp status.

We invited to submit cartoons to the public. We hoped to make aware of the artists themselves by drawing and finding ideas. We targeted people who have become bored because of the quarantine period by losing their daily routine. We supposed to bring their mind into a creative beautiful world and make their mood gleaming. As we hoped, we are successfully continuing with this event now. We got many creative and informative cartoons by dedicated and creative souls. Huge thanks must be offered for them to their immense dedication on behalf of the community. We are posting one cartoon per day on our Facebook page to make awareness of the community.

As we wish that the community has grabbed the message better. All the feedbacks and comments we are getting, proves that idea to us. It is a great pleasure to conduct a successive event as Leos on behalf of the community under a serious situation of the country.

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