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Debouchure Orientation

“UoM Leos”, is one of the Most Outstanding Leo Clubs of Leo District 306A2, Sri Lanka. Every year we look for the next generation who can continue the excellence and the legacy of UoM Leos while enlightening their lives. The Orientation Program, “Debouchure” 2020 was successfully held on 25th of February at Old Gymnasium with the presence of many future leaders. 

We, UoM Leos, are one big family with such hearted volunteers that love to help the needed, bear the responsibility for the countries future and seek for opportunities to experience the leadership. The Orientation is the program which the different generations of UoM Leos meet the newest blood. 

That program was very successfully held throughout the evening with a big gathering full of new brothers and sisters from the most junior batch. The program was started with a brief introduction about Club and Leoism by the current president of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, Leo Nethmini Kolambage. Not only that, but there were also such heart touching speeches. Then there was a little activity session and newcomers were very eager to actively participate in it. 

At the end of the program, everyone had a clear image of volunteering and the UoM Leo Club. “Debouchure” gave us the hope that sooner, there would be a set of energetic youngsters to take over this legacy and continue the imperial legend of eminence.

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