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In the new world full of people who are constantly chasing new technology at an unparallel pace, and in a subtle world where many changes take place in a single moment, the reality is that there are many people struggling hard to keep up with this competitive society. It is no secret that even in our country, not all children have equal access to computer facilities. 

Therefore we, the Leo Club of University of Moratuwa thought to conduct “E – Vantage” a project to donate computers for R/EMB/Andoluwa College. Although lots of the students in this school are willing to select ICT for the O/L examination, the limited facilities have made them hesitant. Having only one computer for the entire school have impacted badly the ICT literacy of the students.

If you are  interested in joining us, we would appreciate your donations of additional computer accessories you have such as, Monitors, CPUs, Mouses, Keyboards which are in good condition.

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