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Fly for green

It’s always better to start with children. Those pure souls always make sure to effect a difference in the society with the values they gain.

‘Fly for Green’ a kite festival with the theme ‘Save Green to Save Life’organized by UoM Leos in cooperation with the Lions’ Club of Matara Nilwala was successfully held on 30th of August at Kaduruwana Public Ground, Matara. The main expectation of the program was to promote polythene-free recreation among children. Members of Kaduruwana Children’s society together with their parents joined hands with UoM Leos in making this event a success.A Plastic and
Polythene abatement programme was also conducted along with the kite competition.

After the awareness programme in the morning, children were grouped and they were given some time to make their kites. All the kites were made with eco friendly raw materials provided by Leos. Necessary guidance was given by the Leos and Prospects for their creations. The program was impactful in developing hand skills, creativity and teamwork among children. Many of the children were delighted to see their kites flying up in the sky while some learned to correct their mistakes and struggle until the end. Winners of the competition were awarded valuable gifts in the evening. Lions’ Club of Matara Nilwala sponsored us with the gifts and refreshments.

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