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Heal the Burns

Can you ever imagine a world without plants? It would not survive as the life is generated within plants and distributed to all the living beings. It is only several months from when the world underwent
through the hardest experience of the burn of Amazon. In parallel, the Ella reservation in Sri Lanka also kindled and got destroyed.

To blow life into the barren reservation, UoM Leos organized a plantation campaign, “Heal the Burns”,at Ella with the participation of a huge number of Leos and prospects of the club. 100 plants in various species that would add specific environmental values were planted and nurtured adding novel initiation to the blooming blossoms of hope of Ella.

Ella Regional Secretariat Office and Regional Forest Office gave a valuable helping hand to succeed the project. Ella Flower Garden Resort and Uva Capital Lions Club generously sponsored to transform the tiresome day of the participants into a joyous experience. With the inspired minds of Leos and prospects of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, the programme met the climax of success.

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