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Heart in Art

There is a well known saying, “A really great talent finds its happiness in execution“. So talents bring colours of happiness to lives. Everyone has talents and capable of doing things beyond imagination with their unique and different talents and abilities.

Leo club of the University of Moratuwa succeeded with another great project, “Heart in Art” which was an art exhibition for little buddies who were differently-abled.

They indeed proved that it is not disabilities they have but different types of abilities. They shared their rhythm of life and art in life putting their wonderful arts to the project. It was not only a happy experience to them and also a marvellous feeling to us.

Little buddies put their arts on papers incomparable ways. So that it was an infeasible thing to give judgement because their talents were amazing. It reflected that their disabilities have opened their eyes to see their true abilities.

At last, their incredible talents were judged by the artist Wenusara Vindana Jayathilaka and the winners were as follows.

1st place- J.S. Janindu Sankalpa

2nd place- A.G.P.Buddhika Chathurangani

3rd place- Hiruni Madhusara Sellahewa

Not only these three students but also all the participants were appreciated because of their great contribution to colourful the project “Heart in Art” with their wonderful talents.

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