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Jeewana Yathara

“Jeewana Yathra” is considered as the biggest community project done by the Leos of 306A2 and it can also be said as the biggest community project of the Leo Multiple District 306. Continuously for so many years, Leos of District 306A2 bind their hands together for this fabulous event. This time, it was the eastern province of Sri Lanka and throughout 20th, 21st and 22nd of October “Jeewana Yathra” was held in the district of Ampara.

Educational Seminars for the O/L students, Leadership programs, career guidance program and also a drug prevention and awareness program were done for the school children in that area for several schools. Other than programs for school children, donation of stationaries and most importantly donation of desktop computers with the aim of improving their IT skills stood up among others.

Also with the help of Medical officers in that area, a medical camp was held for the school children. All these services were done in three days only because of the participation of our beloved 306A2 leos. Most of them were with us dedicating their precious time to give something for those little souls in Ampara and their effort was a huge success and it was seen through the happy faces of those little children.

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