Leaders are born within ourselves not by hiding among the others shadows, but by coming forward and facing the challenges and learning step by step from those mistakes. But, the quality of coming forward do not come from ourselves very often, when we are younger. LEAP is not just a project but it also a part of UoM Leos vision in bringing the leaders forward since their school life.

LEAP phase 2 was held on 20th and 21st October at Ko/Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, Madakubura. School was located in the valley of two beautiful mountains, and there the amazing environment and the everlasting cool climate gave UoM Leos an additional inspirational feeling before starting the LEAP.

Leadership improving activities were held throughout the two days with some fun events in between them. But unfortunately, camp fire was not held due to the rain in the evening. Due to the bad weather, UoM Leos had to make a quick route for the hike in the morning and it brought the leadership and quick thinking of the Leos into test. One of the best hikes was on show during the LEAP 2.

In the end, LEAP 2 brought an emotional ending for all the UoM Leos, who were there, because of the heartwarming feedbacks of the students.

“It’s always nice if the plans work well, but the real pleasure comes if we do things better, under unexpected circumstances”  Just a thing to remember for the Leos.

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