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LEAP Phase 2

Leadership is one of the key aspects to overcome hardships through strength and enhanced attitudes. With the utmost motivation of upgrading the leadership skills of school children in rural areas, UoM Leos have initiated “Leap” and continued in several phases around the country. LEAP indicates Learn, Engage, Apply and Perform which are considered as the main characteristics every leader should develop in order to lead a nation towards success and prosperity.

“Leap” phase 2, the Leadership Camp organized by UoM Leos was held on 19th  and 20th of October 2019 at Malwaththawala National College, Wellawaya. The drama competition held on the first day of the programme added an extra value, enhancing creativity and confidence of school children. A leader has to undertake numerous roles and challenges in the society to direct the subordinates to the correct path. This lesson was highlighted through the drama competition. Also the camp fire at night was the most memorable item in the agenda. Singing and other fun activities around the camp fire spread the message to the whole world that these children too deserve these experiences. 

Day two of the project started with several physical activities that brought energy and developed enthusiasm. Then it was followed by the Treasure Hunt done to improve their group work and coordination skills. All the Leos and prospects who participated in the programme were thrilled to experience the joy and happiness of the little companions. All the tiredness was payed off with the happiness of the children as well as teachers and parents.

They might be the neediest of these types of experiences because they have not enjoyed the life earlier due to different hardships prevailing in the area. UoM Leos could rejoice on their ability to bring an everlasting memory to those innocent hearts.

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