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LEAP Phase 3

‘Leap’ the ceaseless effort by UoM Leos to gift great leaders to the nation, successfully completed its third phase on the 30th of November and the 1st of December at Jayahela National College, Kothmale. The leadership programme was initiated with the participation of nearly 100 students from grades 9 and 10.

The proceedings of the camp started with a discussion on leadership qualities at the end of which, the students were divided into groups that they were going to work with for the rest of the tasks. Then they were given some time to select a name, a leader and a cheer for their team. There onwards, marks were offered for each and every challenge they complete.

On the first day, a number of fun games including the net ring, blind walk, puzzles and lava walk were arranged for the teams to improve their team spirit. Then in the afternoon, chinese whisper and lion-lady-hunter games were played to give them an idea about the importance of communication skills. In the evening, the bad weather condition did not permit us to have a campfire and the drama competition outdoors. So, the dramas were performed indoors in the presence of the principal and some of the staff members of the school. The competition started with a drama performed by our own leos and then each team was given time to present their own dramas. All the dramas were very interesting and creative. The events of day one came to a close with the end of the drama competition. Students were sent home safely.

The day two started with the physical training session which mainly focused on the physical fitness of the children. Then each team was given a sudoku puzzle to solve. As it was not safe to go on a hike in the mountains in the rainy weather, a treasure hunt was arranged in the school premises. Teams were expected to follow the hints given and find the path to the treasure. On their way, they had to perform different tasks like acting, singing and dancing to get the required hints at the checkpoints. After hunting the treasure, they had to prepare a meal and present it in an inspiring way for the cookery competition. The teams cooked noodles and were very creative in presenting them to the judge board. At the end of the cookery programme, the winners and the winning team of the two-day leadership camp were announced. Everyone was humble and gracious to accept their results.

The farewell was very heart-touching and both the students and the staff admired the service rendered by the young Leos to make a better nation and a better world. That was the end of another wonderful leadership camp that unveiled the young leaders hidden unknown.

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