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Leadership is the most predominant characteristic to acquire success as a team. Focusing on enhancing leadership standards of youngsters in rural areas, LEAP series has been initiated by UoM Leos as an exceptional project. The title “LEAP” was assigned intensifying Learn, Engage, Apply and Perform in action disregarding hassles towards the way of success.

With this superior intension in mind, the first LEAP project was conducted at Badulla Pallekiruwa Vidyalaya comprising expansion of self-awareness, positive mindset, creativity and numerous other values.

With the mission of escorting superior souls, the second phase of LEAP was completed at Ko/Parakrama Maha Vidyalaya, Madakumbura. Hiking and several other ventures prepended magnificent experiences to children and Leos who participated in the program.

LEAP 3.0 unveiled more potential of UoM Leos, the pioneers of taking social responsibility of guiding the generations of times to come. This was held at Sankhapala Dhamma School, Moratuwa. The camp fire bestowed the most satisfying encounter to little hearts.

Blemish the termination of LEAP, the final project was conducted at President’s College, Anuradhapura. The sophistication gained through the project series is memorable and remarkable, hence provided the motivation of master minding.

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