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Learn from Home- Phase 1

Getting ready well before anything brings a lot of conveniences. That is why it is so essential in the field of education as well. Therefore we, UoM Leos thought it would be worthwhile if we could assist brothers and sisters who are awaiting university entrance to get prepared in advance for the university studies. This is why we brought the project “Learn from Home” to progress.

In phase 1 of the project, the students who are expecting to enter the University of Moratuwa were offered online courses relevant to the degree programs they wish to pursue. Mostly, those online courses were applicable for them to improve their knowledge of the modules they would learn in the first and second semesters at the university. 

Thus, a significant number of students have enrolled in those courses and we hope they have gained a proper understanding of their university education. In the same time, the Learn from Home phase 2 is anticipated to launch soon.

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