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Leo Battle’19

A game is an opportunity at something we’re good at or getting better at and enjoy. In other words, the gameplay is a direct emotional opposite of depression.

Leo battle’19 which was such kind of enjoyable and also the most awaited fun game series of UoM Leos was held on the 21st of June 2020. This game series was mainly acquainted for the newly connected members to UoM Leo club with the aim of familiarizing them to the UoM Leo club. As wished, they congregated around the club accelerating their enthusiasms.

In fact, eleven number of interesting funny different games took all the fighters to another world of fantasy.

Mystery Image, puzzle, best comical photo, best project idea, Facebook treasure scavenge, finding the unseen word, best mobile capture, finding the hidden song, guru gola wenasa, fill the image creatively and secret emoji are the fun games which were able to congregate them around the UoM Leo family. Some games were individual as well as some were conducted as groups.

At the end of the successful day, all the combatants delighted with new experiences and new skills. For each and every game, one combatant or one group was introduced as the winner or the winning team because of their successful responses.

At last, winners were gifted with gifts as well as all the combatants were gifted with great pleasure and collaboration of UoM Leo family.

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