Leo District 306 A2

The Leo District 306A2 is one of the leading Leo districts in Sri Lanka. It’s sponsored by Lions District 306A2. Currently 26 Leo clubs are actively serving the community.


After the First ever Leo Club was inaugurated in Sri Lanka in 1967, a redistricting took place in 2005 as the Multiple 306 was divided into 6 districts and 306A2 was formed and here we are as Leos of 306A2, conducting various activities to the needy, Less fortunate as well as for the betterment of the Movement and its Members including Childcare, Elders, Sports, Environmental, Healthcare and Leadership Development Projects.

Leo District 306 A2 is one of the leading Leo Districts in Sri Lanka. It is sponsored and operates under the International Association of Lions Club District 306 A2 and presently more than 900 Leos from 26 active Leo Clubs are actively serving the community while developing their leadership skills.

Leo District 306 A2 includes Leo Clubs from Colombo, Kalutara, Galle, Matara and Ratnapura Districts and the Leo Clubs are Leo Club of Baddegama, Leo Club of Bandaragama Central, Leo Club o f Dehiwala East, Leo Club of Godigamuwa, Leo Club of Horana Mid City, Leo Club of Ingiriya United, Leo Club of Kalubowila, Leo Club of Katuwawala, Leo Club of Madurawala, Leo Club of Mattegoda, Leo Club of Moragahahena, Leo Club of Panadura Alubomulla, Leo Club of Piliyandala, Leo Club of Polgasowita, Leo Club of Raigamupurawaraya, Leo Club of University of Moratuwa, Leo Club of Werahera, Leo Club of Mathugama, Leo Club of Rattanapitiya, Leo Club of SLTC, Leo Club of Centennial Presbyterian College, Leo Club of Richmond College, Leo Club of Rahula College, Leo Club of Central College of Piliyandala, Leo Club of Taxila College and Leo Club of Saegis Campus

Major objective of the Leo District Council is to provide an administrative framework for the Leo District to continue its service and self-development activities. The Leo District 306 A2 facilitates the Leo Club activities by providing leadership training. The Leo district council consists of an organizational structure comprising of the representatives of all the Leo clubs of the District 306 A2. We Uom Leos belongs to Zone B1 of the council.

Leo Lion Kalindu Dissanayake is the leader of the Leo District Council 306 A2 for the fiscal year 2017/2018 under the slogan “Flourish through Fraternity”. Leo Lion Kalindu Dissanayake is a proud product of Pannipitya Darmapala Vidyalaya and joined Leo club of Moragahahena as a Charter Member in Year 2005/2006.

Leo Kalindu Dissanayake – District President – Leo District 306A2


District President’s Logo 

306A2 District President’s Logo


~Meaning Of Above Logo~

Two hands join at the middle of the infinity sign

This symbolises the fraternity which is inbuilt within the group of Leos which continues to infinity

Lion on the top of logo

To imply the unity created under one nation

Colour of Blue in the left side of the infinity sign

Blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and faith.

Colour of orange in the right side of the infinity sign

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It represents success, enthusiasm, determination, encouragement and stimulation. As the two colours join at the middle of the logo it

symbolises the success which Leo movement gain with the trust and loyalty built within themselves.

100 years

 To represent 100 years’ celebration of Lions club program

5 stars on the orange colour

To foresee the success and achievement on the 5 main programs of the District President

  • Protecting the Environment
  • Sharing the Vision
  • Engaging Youth
  • Relieving the Hunger
  • Paediatric Cancer & Diabetes Awareness


District President’s motive for the year


  • Increase club membership with quality presence of Leos.
  • 100% LCI registered membership.
  • Open 3 new Leo Clubs.
  • All clubs must submit their Leo 72 forms before August.
  • Conduct 4 region projects to reactivate inactive Leo clubs.
  • Each club should conduct 2 projects under each programme of centennial celebration.
  • Motivate all clubs to apply for a banner patch.
  • All clubs must organize a project under each award category.
  • Every Club should actively participate at the Lions Clubs projects and meetings throughout the year and should organize at least 2 projects with their parental Lions Club.
  • Conduct a Key Inter District Project with other Leo Districts to strengthen the fraternal bond among Leos.


Leo District 306A2 2017/2018 – Key Council Executives

Leo Kalindu Dissanayake
District President
Leo Club of Moragahahena kalindu@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Kesari Seneviratne PMJF
Immediate Past District President
Leo Club of Kalubowila kesari@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Kasun Lokugamage
District Vice President
Leo Club of Piliyandala kasunl@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Tikuli Pitigala
District Secretary
Leo Club of Katuwawala tikuli@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Ivan Udakara
District Treasurer
Leo Club of Universty of Moratuwa ivanudakara@gmail.com
Lion Anura Goonathilake
District Chairman for Leos
Lions Club of Dampe

UoM Leos representing the District 306A2 Council

Leo Ivan Udakara
District Treasurer
Leo Club of Universty of Moratuwa ivanudakara@gmail.com
Leo Chathuranga Gunasekara
Chief Coordinator for Siyak Sipsal Program
Leo Club of Universty of Moratuwa chathuranga@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Kasun Himala Geeganage
Chief Centennial Program Coordinator
Leo Club of Unversity of Moratuwa kasun.geeganage@leodistrict306a2.org
Leo Shehan Akmeemana
Zonal Director - Zone B1
Leo Club of University of Moratuwa shehankakmeemana@gmail.com
Leo Yasiru Nilan
Chairman - Editorial Panel
Leo Club of University of Moratuwa nilanyasiru@gmail.com
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