“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Listening to music would always give us the freedom of mind that we are seeking. UoM Leos held this Leo Pedura, which is one of our annual events, once again to bring out the talents hidden among ourselves and to bring an entertaining holiday for the busy life of all of us.

Leo Pedura was held on 20 th of January not only with the participation of the UoM Leos, but also with participation of many Leos from the Multiple District 306. As always, participation of the visiting Leos from our other fellow Leo Clubs added an extra elegance into Leo Pedura.

Singing talents of UoM Leos and also of some visiting Leos were on display in that colorful night. Almost all of the songs were very much appreciated by the crowd just because of their singing abilities. But the color of the night was magnified with the dancing acts done during the show both by our club members and other members from the district as well. Not only with dancing acts, but the crowd was also entertained by the drama done by the UoM Leos.

But the most notable in the Leo Pedura was the appreciations done by the UoM Leos to some of the artists who have contributed to the music field through the past years. An appreciation award was given as a tribute to their great work. Mr. Jayathissa Alahakoon, Mr. Karunarathna Amarasinghe, Mr. Athula Ransirilal were some among them. Leo Pedura once again gave an excellent platform for many Leos to show their aesthetic talents and a wonderful evening to the rest of others at the beginning of another new year.

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