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Light on Your Dreams

This is a time that the vigor must be fed to someone’s hopes and aims which are getting darkened after O/L and A/L examinations.

“Light on Your Dreams” is a timely needed valuable attempt that was  wielded by  Leo Club of University of Moratuwa to guide the students who could not reach the preferred destination from the O/L & A/L examinations. 

Most of the students do not have a clear idea about the different higher education courses and vocational training programs provided by government and semi government institutes .Our main objective is to guide them to select the most appropriate courses to reach for their dreams.

So we launched a website, https://lightonyourdreams.uomleos.org on 10th February that includes collection of details about different courses in 16 government and semi government institutes.

This website includes details of course time duration, qualification that is received, needed entry qualifications, course fee, career opportunities, branches where the courses are available for each course in selected 16 institutes.

We got much amazing feedback from students, teachers and well-wishers of the club by admiring our effort.

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