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Serving the community is the main objective of almost every non-profit organization in the world. As a leading Leo Club in the world, our Leo Club, Leo Club of the University of Moratuwa has always been a great platform not only for community services but also to make future leaders of the society.

Among many leadership qualities such as vision, positivity and confidence, communication is a substantial quality to practice. For an organization to succeed, its body should maintain good communication within itself in taking decisions and discussing problems.

Mafia is a project done by Leo Club of University of Moratuwa focusing its own members, to enhance their interpersonal relationships and to have some fun by engaging in the ‘Mafia’ game. This was done in two days with the participation of current and past leos of our club in evenings after academic hours in the university tennis court enjoying the blowing pleasant breeze.

Spending some quality time getting to know each other and having immense joy, this project came to an end becoming another satisfied project by UoM Leos.

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