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Mid-Year Review

Experience is the universal mother of sciences

We, UoM Leos, were able to successfully wield the “Mid-Year Review 2020/21”, where the experiences of UoM Leos during past 6 months were summed up with humble pride and satisfaction, on the 27th of December from 7.00 p.m. onwards via zoom platform as a virtual event with the participation of the chief guest: Leo Champaka Dhammage – the  president of Leo multiple district 306, guest of honor: Leo Dilshan Peiris – the vice president of Leo multiple district 306 and special guests: Leo Mudith Bimsara Jayasekara – the secretary of Leo multiple district 306 & Leo Lasitha Walisingha – the treasurer of Leo multiple district 306.

We honour the participation of all the guests & our fellow Leos from other Leo club, which was an immense strength to make our event a success.We would also like to heartfully offer a big thank you to everyone who made amazing efforts to make our Mid-Year Review fruitful with your dedication & hard work.

This was a valuable time to us to learn from mistakes as well as a way to amplify the adeptness going through the experiences we tasted and the moments we lived and loved throughout the past semester of the Leoistic year 2020/21. And also we could moreover gain golden advice through the guests’ speeches to augment our ideas and intentions in our persisting journey. Thereafter here we are ready to retain the unceasing elegance of UoM Leos in an ameliorative way with refreshed goals.

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