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Natural Heals

“Natural Heals” was one of the priceless projects which made us address a major issue which society ignores due to busy schedules. 

There is nothing more important or valuable for a person than good health in the world. Oriental medicine and allopathy are the two major types of medical treatments in Sri Lanka. Oriental medicine is familiar with us as Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine which has a long, as well as awe-inspiring history, is the most preferable way to immunity in our body. The Ayurvedic tradition has changed the lives of countless people for literally thousands of years. Reading their insights can help you better appreciate the way. It is a common thing that Ayurveda teaches us to recover from diseases naturally.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need”. In fact, this depicts how much it is important to prevent diseases naturally.

With the great effort of Leos, University of Moratuwa and with the kind-hearted dedication of Dr D. N. Ranathunga, we were able to reach the top level of our effort with the project “Natural Heals”, awakening the society with the most appropriate solutions for common health problems which have swallowed the society today. There is no argument that diabetes is the most common health problem which has the ability to turn human beings of all ages into critical conditions. So, we mainly focused on addressing diabetes patients with suitable natural remedies. Our effort succeed as a virtual programme with the great collaboration of Dr D. N. Ranathunga, giving society a valuable, appropriate and powerful message.

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