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Rescue Turtles

“Sea turtle conservation is about preserving this endangered species and its critical role in the healthy marine ecosystems we all depend on.”

Sea turtles are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems. They help to maintain healthy seagrass beds and transport essential nutrients to the shore. These majestic creatures have always been vulnerable to predators, but today’s threats come in the form of fishing nets, boat propellers, dumping of polythene and plastic into sea etc.

Thus the project “Rescue Turtles” was commenced by Leo Club of University of Moratuwa together with Leo Club of Baddegama at the Turtle Conservation and Research Center in Kosgoda on the 20th of August 2020, to seek the safety of little ones over there. Our aim was to help the staff of that place in their noble cause of saving the endangered Sea turtles and educating the community and the youth about the importance of saving them.

At first, we had awareness session from the staff and they gave us information about the species of turtles living in Sri Lanka, their lifestyles, weight, sizes, how they lay eggs etc, and discussed the reasons for them to become endangered. Then we did the cleanup of turtle tanks and its surrounding, fill seawater to tanks, prepare the turtle food and feed the disabled turtles and little ones.

Our presence was highly appreciated by the staff of Turtle Conservation & Research Centre since there has been a lack of volunteers for them because the foreign volunteers are not coming these days because of COVID 19 pandemic.

It was such an amazing time spent with these awesome creatures. At the end of this great social service, we were able to have wholehearted self-satisfaction beyond the success.

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