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Shells over Trash phase 1

“Every Piece of Trash you Remove Reveals Something Beautiful”
The first phase of Shells over Trash, a felicitous effort made by UoM Leos with the desire of conserving a pristine coastal line for the younger generations, was successfully held on the 14th of August at Crow Island Beach Mattakkuliya with the participation of Leos and prospects.

Rather than organizing an ordinary beach cleanup, this time we joined hands with ‘Zero trash’, who were willing to take over the plastic trash we collect and make yarns out of them. This branching out was able to furnish an effectual and convincing way of disposing garbage to the community. Further, through this project we were able to publicize the importance of moving into
sustainable ways of waste management from the usual ways that cause long term issues.

Prior to the cleanup campaign, we had the opportunity of having a discussion about coastal pollution and remedies to be taken with the Crow Island beach park committee, who provided an immense support in organizing this event. During the day everyone was eager to contribute
their best, finally to see a clean and tidy beach. At the end of a successful beach cleanup, sorted plastics were handed over to the “Zero trash” crew. “PickMe” (SriLanka) sponsored us in transporting the trash. Everyone was jovial to enjoy the evening breeze of a calm and peaceful
beach. That was the end of another inspiring and highly appreciated project carried out by UoM Leos.

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