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Shells Over Trash Phase 2

Marine pollution has become a serious issue around the world today. It affects Sri Lanka greatly because the ocean around the whole island has been recognized as contaminated, hence threatens the lives of the ocean. Many endemic species have been included under the endangered category in the Red Data Book due to the marine pollution occurred recent past.

“Thousand miles begins with a single step” is a famous saying which is followed by UoM Leos. To minimize coastal pollution, UoM Leos launched the second phase of beach cleaning program, named “Shells Over Trash – Phase 2” on 24 th August 2019 at Panadura beach. A Kite festival
which was organized by joining hands with MJF foundation, has also been held parallelly to the Beach cleaning activity to raise more awareness towards the program. The kites were built without using polythene or plastic as a symbol of our initiative towards a sustainable future
without polythene.

We were able to clean the beach and also collected a lot of plastic and they were given to “ZERO TRASH” for recycling. “PICKME(SRI LANKA)” sponsored us in transporting these waste. The event
concluded successfully with the participation of UoM Leos and prospects and the blessings of nature friends.

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