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The first three phases of “ShilpaTharana”, an eminent effort madE by UoM Leos with the focus of improving educational level of younger generations, was successfully held on month of September at G/Sri Rathanasara Maha Vidyalaya, Ka/Dehi/Ruwa Mudugamuwa Vidyalaya, and Maramba Maha Vidyalaya, Akuressa.

In this seminar series we would aid in sharpening mathematics knowledge of the students and they would be exposed to a good mathematical environment. This Seminar series varies from our usual seminar projects because we will be doing this throughout the year for those four schools. So, it won’t just be another seminar. Other than a seminar, there was a motivational program also to uplift their educational works and build the mindset of the students who are facing for the O/L examination this year.

In this program, we individually support every student and additionally, we wish to do difficult units in mathematics with the requests from students. Not only educational things, but also sharing our experiences in university life was appreciated by students and teachers of those Schools. Those days remarked a successful and a happy ending along with the emotional, heartwarming feedbacks of the students.

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