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Shilphadi Phase 3

UoM Leos know that it is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and larger sense of the world than to rule a state. That’s why we are conducting seminar series in selected schools island wide. Already we have successfully finished several phases of Sipmansala. We changed this event name as ‘Shilpadhi’ since our last phase conducted at Saliyapura Vidya Pradeepa monastic college, Thissamaharama.

Shilphadhi at Thissamaharama was successfully conducted on 7th and 8th September 2019. This phase was special and became more valuable because there were so many monks who were eager to learn. But they were left strangled because of not having a proper teacher. So, it was nice experience to teach not for older monks but also for little monks. Since it was essential to give as much as we could give, Leos conducted a night teaching session also.

The dedication of the participated UoM Leos and prospects was highly appreciated. Leos are always capable to move with the situation, therefore they used their night time to explain some complex parts in mathematics.
Though there was a long journey and many working hours, Leos and prospects did not feel tired since they were offered with a new spiritual living two days with monks. Shilpadhi phase 3 ended by adding extra value to the UoM Leos’ chapter.

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