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Warna phase 1

Colours make our world beautiful and bring the much needed light and relaxation for our lives. But they are more important to have a free mind when studying.

In order make life colourful for those who in need, project “Warna” was initiated. For conducting the project ‘Warna’, we selected the school Kongaspitiya, Siyabalanduwa. There we made school more attractive for educating by adding extra color to the school. Not only we painted and planted trees there but also provided those children with sports and educational equipment.

We reached the school after traveling more than 350 km. The first phase of the project was conducted on 7th, 8th, and 14th, 15th December of 2019. Those days, we spent for adding colors to desks, walls, and classrooms. Electricity was not there at night which made our painting task much difficult. But the group did not fall back for a moment.

We finished our paintings with the help of the torch lights. Leos planted some plants and made student classrooms for a better place to educate. Not only that but also, we made a water pipe-line.

Since we hoped to complete many tasks during this project, the budget of the project was high. We got donations by more than eighty-eight people. SPC bookstore, DSI company, and Sudha book shop also joined with us. We must be very thankful for all your generous donations that helped us to make this event a massive success. On the other hand, thank you very much for the great hospitality given to us by school teachers during our visit.

Finally, we altogether made the dreams of the blooming buds into reality. ‘Warna’ phase 1 was a great effort that accomplished with a massive success with the immense guidance of UoM past Leo Wasantha aiya and with the collaboration with classical music society of University of Moratuwa, Colombo NTS and MAS.

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