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“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” This is a famous quote by Malala Yousfzai. In a society where a part is so blessed to have a good education and some keep good education as a dream in their minds. But each and every person deserves education which is the foundation to their future lives. Teaching children is an accomplishment where getting children excited about learning is an achievement. As a fact, telling, explaining and demonstrating are all under inspiring. To inspire children about education, having a favorable environment before having the required teaching is an essential fact. We as university students are more aware about this.

“’Warna’-The Paint” is a project by UoM Leos to paint the blank pages of poor children’s minds with colours of education. This was done in two phases. Phase 01 was to paint the desks, chairs and the buildings of schools. This was successfully held at Katupuliyankulama Primary School, Wanathawilluwa. In the second phase, ‘Warna’- The paint Phase 02, donation of school accessories which are more than essential to continue good education was done in the same school in Wanathawilluwa.

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