Idea by :

Leo Chathuranga Saman Kumara – Chief Activity Coodinator – 2018/2019

Designed by :

Leo Kanchana B S Premachandra – Club Director – 2018/2019

Meanings of Symbols

Six Diamonds in the right hand and left hand sides

               Diamonds represents the faithfulness, in here diamonds are used to show the faithfulness of UoM leos while working with the society and among club members. Also diamonds is a symbol of richness of the self. When it comes to UoM loes firstly it’s about leadership that is related to richness of the self. Also it’s a well known symbol of unity and commitment which are highly required from UoM loes. Considering those facts diamond shapes are used.

Triangle in the highest middle point

               Triangles are the strongest shapes. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed between all three sides. This is to represents that UOM leos are team workers and they can handle any weight of tasks. While three sides of this triangle represents leadership, experience and oportunity, the upward peak point represents the success through them

Seven Colours


         Gold is used to show that uom leos follow the rules and respect authority. Also it represents the punctuality.


        Blue is the color of trust. Presents the loyalty and responsibility of UoM Leos towards the society


        Red the color of passion and drama. Also red is universally used to signify courage strength and power. Here, it represents the courage of uom loes and power of them as a team.


        Brown is the color of earth which represents the stability and a solid foundation. Here brown is used to presents the stability of uom loesTriangle is the strongest shape. Hence the brown triangle signifies the solidness and stability of the unity of Uom Leos.


        Yellow is a compelling color that conveys youthful and fresh energy. Here it represents the young leos and their energy that contributes to the success of the club


        Green is associated with renewale, growth and hope. Also green stands for lack of expirence and need for growth. As in logo of UOM LOES it represents the expirence opurtunities that can be gain through the club for prospects.


         Light blue is associated with health. Presents the understanding and empathy of UoM loes. Also works associated with health and safety.

Pencil and graduation hat

              Represents Contribution of UoM Leos on education of chidren in the society. Education is represented from primary level to graduation level by the pencil and the graduation hat. Represents the environmental activities attached with uom loes to save the environment, It also symbolizes the unstoppable growth of success of the club.

Two people in a urbanized background

                Represents the youth of the club who help to develop the country and fulfill the needs of the people. Two people are holding the environmental and educational reponsibility. From one hand they have taken the weight of the environmental and educational responsibility while the free hand helps to develop the country. Logo contains two modern buildings (Altair and lotus tower) in Colombo to show the development of the country.

Two blue lines at the bottom

                By showing water at the bottom. It represents the cleaness of the club and transperency of its activities.